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Q & AYNI is a new section in our journal where we chat with likeminded founders and CEOs in the wellness industry. Today we talk to Christina Almeida, fellow latinx entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Pildora and Pildora NOW.


AYNI: What does your new project Pildora NOW consist of?


Christina: Pildora NOW is a platform for clean and sustainable health, beauty and self-care products located on Our mission is to build a community and brand around sustainability and conscious living.


AYNI: What was the biggest challenge when launching PILDORA NOW? And what is the most important  advice you would give to fellow female entrepreneurs?


Christina: The biggest challenge has been launching in the midst of a pandemic. The whole industry and game has changed and everything that used to work no longer works, there was a lot of twists and turns and we have had to learn to be agile and quickly pivot. However, through it all we have learned so much and evolved as a team and a company.
My advice would be to connect with your community, reach out to people, don’t be afraid to be rejected. DM people who inspire you, just as many people that don’t respond, there will be many who do!


Through reconnecting and loving yourself, you reconnect with others and our planet.


AYNI: What does “wellness” mean to you?


Christina: Wellness means taking care of your life and your body from the inside out through awakening and connecting with your mind, body and spirit. Through reconnecting and loving yourself, you reconnect with others and our planet.


AYNI: How do you see the future of the wellness/beauty industry?


Christina: I see a big shift towards sustainability in the industry, people are demanding transparency and they want to know that the brands they support are taking into consideration the future of our planet.
I also think that we are much more focused on health. Following the pandemic, consumers are very into taking care of their health!

AYNI: What is your favorite AYNI product and how do you take it?


Christina: I am obsessed with the BLOOM, which we sell on Pildora too! I put it in my Super matcha everyday. love!


Shop Christina’s favorite through this link or at Pildora NOW.