The benefits of Maqui Berry

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Maqui (MAH-kee) is a purple berry native to the Patagonia  region of Chile and Argentina. This ecoregion is a biodiversity refuge that was isolated for millions of years, becoming today one of the closest ways to see how dinosaurs used to live. According to the Food, Nutrition and Technology Institute of Chile the  low geomagnetic field of the  area, and its special ecosystem are the main reasons for the growth of many nutritious superfoods such as Maqui Berry. 

This small purple superfruit has long been a staple in the diet of the indigenous people of the region, called the Mapuche who drank it to increase stamina and energy. Maqui berry contains indole alkaloids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, coumarins, ferulic and caffeic acid that make it a highly beneficial addition to any diet. Because of this extraordinary nutritional profile, these are the health benefits of Maqui Berry:  


It reduces inflammation

The natural anti-inflammatory properties of Maqui help to treat chronic problems such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and digestive issues. 

It’s a powerful antioxidant 

According to the ORAC test, which measures the antioxidant capacity of foods, Maqui berries contain twice as much antioxidants than Acai and 12 times as much as blueberries.  Its high content of anthocyanins prevents free radical damage from toxins, sun exposure and pollution. Not only does maqui berry prevent aging but also nourish the skin cells, providing a radiant and youthful skin.

It supports eye health 

Because of its high content of antioxidants Maqui protects against light-induced  eye damage from the sun, computers and cellphones and their ultraviolet radiation. Anthocyanins work by neutralizing free radicals and also absorbing part of the wavelengths of the radiation. 

It helps to maintain a healthy gut microbiome 

Plant compounds in Maqui Berry help reshape your gut microbiota, increasing the number of good bacteria in the colon which support metabolism, immunity and a balanced digestive function. 

For its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities we have included Maqui in our SMOOTH digestive supplement and BLOOM antioxidant superpowder. We consciously wild harvest this ingredient in Argentinian Patagonia and freeze-dry it within hours to maintain its full nutrient profile and benefits until it reaches your body. 

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